I work by myself in a private studio by appointment only.

Conveniently located by 580 freeway near Emeryville, with no meter and no hour limit parking.

Payment Methods

Cash is preferred



Paypal ("personal" option)


Studio phone number to text: 510.989.2371


  • Please text message me when you arrive.  It will take me a minute once I receive the text and I will come meet you.

  • If you arrive early, you can text me and I will get back with you as soon as possible, there may be a chance I am available. 


  • BRING your valid driver's license or a state issued ID card to your tattoo appointment


  • PLEASE CHECK COVID-19 website tab for more information.

  • Since COVID-19, please come to your tattoo appointment alone.

  • EAT A MEAL 30 MINUTES BEFORE your appointment (not just a protein bar, a smoothie, or a banana, etc.).  Eating a substantial meal will alleviate added stress to your body when getting a tattoo.  This is always underestimated, but should really be considered helpful advice.

  • EXFOLIATE the to-be-tattooed skin area a few days before your tattoo appointment.

  • SHAVE the approximate to-be-tattooed area a day before your tattoo appointment (if you can reach).  Even fine, hard to see (peach fuzz) hairs need to be shaved to avoid clogging the needle tips.

  • Please do not drink too much alcohol the night before your tattoo appointment.

  • Please wear appropriate and comfortable clothing, keep in mind the location of your tattoo. Sometimes ink can get on your clothes, so be mindful and wear black if you do not want to ruin anything.