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I work by myself by appointment only in South Berkeley, located by 580 freeway near Emeryville, with no meter and no hour limit parking.

Payment Methods

Cash (preferred)





  • Text message me when you arrive, I will come meet you.

Hold button down to text:

  • There is no waiting room area so arriving on time (or a few min early) is best.

  • If you need the use the elevator, please let me know.


  • BRING your valid driver's license or a state issued ID, or passport to your tattoo appointment.


  • Mask is optional. If you would like everyone to have masks on through the entire session, please text me on the day of your appointment. 

  • PLEASE use the touch-less or gel hand-sanitizer after shoe removal.

  • EAT A MEAL 30 MINUTES BEFORE your appointment (not just a protein bar, a smoothie, or a banana, etc.).  Eating a substantial meal will alleviate added stress to your body when getting a tattoo.  This is always underestimated, but should really be considered helpful advice.

  • EXFOLIATE the to-be-tattooed skin area a few days before your tattoo appointment.

  • SHAVE the approximate to-be-tattooed area a day before your tattoo appointment (if you can reach).  Do not shave the area if you think you will cut yourself doing so. 

  • Please do not drink too much alcohol the night before your tattoo appointment. Please hydrate normally before appointment.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing, keep in mind the location of your tattoo. Sometimes ink can get on your clothes, so be mindful and wear black if you do not want to ruin anything. You will be asked to remove your shoes before getting on the table.

  • You can bring one guest.

  • If you experience any symptoms of sickness on your appointment date, please reschedule for a later date when you have recovered. Your deposit will still apply to the rescheduled date.

  • To reschedule your appointment, please use the green button "Change/Cancel" on your email confirmation. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

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