What is SecondSkin?

I apply SecondSkin bandage to heal your tattoo unless you know you are allergic/sensitive to SecondSkin.  The SecondSkin creates a protective layer that keeps your body’s plasma active over your healing tattoo.  Your plasma contains platelets which help accelerate the healing of the outer skin layer, creating a thin protective skin barrier when you peel the SecondSkin off after three days.  With the SecondSkin bandage your tattoo heals nearly twice as fast.  However, it is not suitable for some types or skin and locations of the body.  After the SecondSkin is removed, the next step in healing your tattoo properly is keeping that freshly healed (and rather thin) skin barrier moisturized so that it is not vulnerable to cracking/splitting from skin dryness.  Cracking/splitting from skin dryness or abrasion may cause open wounds which can be susceptible to skin infection.  Keep your skin at normal humidity by applying water based lotion on it whenever necessary.  When the tattoo feels itchy, that is your body building new layers of skin and getting dry, apply lotion to help relieve the itch.

How long does it take to heal?

The first two days of healing are the most important. Your body is trying to heal and make new skin in all the areas where there is pigment.  The tattoo ink is "pushed" into the skin with a needle, repeatedly going in and out of the first two layers of your skin (epidermis and dermis).  These layers need a good healing environment to grow back those layers of skin (over the pigment).   

With the SecondSkin, your skin will be protected from infection after 3 days.  Without the SecondSkin, it may take up to 5 days for all the flakes to come off.  Either way, the tattoos will go through a flaky dry stage for 1.5 weeks.  Your tattoo will look dull, ashy, and shiny in some parts.  Continue to moisturize with a water-based lotion for as long as the dryness persists.
Tattoos generally take 2-3 weeks for the skin to feel normal, but the ink does not settle completely into the skin until about 2-3 months.

Is it normal to have fluid under the SecondSkin? I can’t see my tattoo clearly.

Totally normal.  Don’t worry.  In fact you will see ink, blood, and plasma coming through under the bandage.  When you peel it off, don’t be alarmed that you see some of it dried onto the bandage.  You did not just peel your tattoo off.  Just gently wash the tattoo and be sure to moisturize afterwards (details on aftercare instructions below).

Can I exercise after I get a tattoo?

It depends on your capacity.  Some tattoos are located in areas that can
make it uncomfortable to exercise while healing.  Be cautious of your tattoo.  It is important to keep blood flowing to facilitate healing but do not overwork yourself.  Sweating too much can make it difficult for the SecondSkin to stay on the skin.  Extreme conditions are not recommended; please wait until you take the SecondSkin off after three days, ie. Hot Yoga, next day marathon, surfing, etc.

When can I swim or soak after a tattoo?

You cannot swim or soak for at least 1 week.  You cannot soak with the
SecondSkin bandage either.  If you are to go swimming or soaking after 1
week of healing, do not allow the tattoo to be soaking in the water for more than 15 minutes at a time.  Be sure to moisturize after you finish soaking/swimming.


When should I apply sunscreen?

Remember to wear sunscreen for any prolonged direct sun exposure (more than 30 minutes).  If you are wearing clothing that covers your tattoo, sunscreen is not needed unless it feels that your skin is burning underneath the clothing.  Sunscreen is good to apply for areas like the "driving arm", the left forearm, and areas that are exposed to the sun for longer than 30 minutes.