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for new clients with custom work.

Thank you for your patience!

Returning clients can always reach out for new work anytime via email. 


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  1.   Please read all the booking info below

  2.   Make an inquiry (when book is open)

  3.   If project is in line with my work, we will begin consultation process via email or in person for larger works (multi-session).

  4.   After consultation you will be given a flat priced quote.

  5.   Leave a deposit (applies to tattoo cost)

  6.   Schedule a tattoo appointment (via booking link)

  7.   Receive drawing via email few days before tattoo appointment date.


Since COVID-19, most consultations are now conducted via email or phone consultations.  However, larger tattoos, tattoos that wrap around body parts, and space filling tattoos will require an in-person consultation.  In-person consultations are available upon request.

Serious inquiries only please.

  • During your free consultation (email or phone) we will discuss your idea details, location, size, and price estimation.

  • Please have photo references ready via URL links, or screen shots.

  • Also have ready accurate measurements/location of the area to be tattooed.


  • Securing and scheduling a tattoo appointment will require a deposit of $150.  When payment is received, you will receive a booking link to schedule directly on the calendar.

  • Deposits apply to the total tattoo cost. If there are multiple sessions, it will be applied to the last session.

  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable (you cannot give your deposit to anyone).

  • Due to COVID-19, you can always reschedule using the booking link and your deposit will still apply. Please do not show up to your appointment with symptoms of coughing or sneezing, allergies, or a low-grade fever; you will not be tattooed.

  • Your deposit can be paid for by someone else (but the deposit ultimately applies solely to the person who I have the consultation with)

  • If you decide to change your idea completely after your drawing is made, another deposit is required for the new tattoo idea.


  • All projects are on a queue.  You should receive your drawing a few days before your appointment.

  • I will send a simple line drawing without shading. Shading is always done freehand during the appointment. Please send references of healed tattoos* I've done with the shading intensity you desire. (*see Healed highlights on IG)

  • My ipad drawings do not reflect the tattoo textures or line qualities. The drawing shows the design balance and composition.

  • Small edits to the drawing can be made quickly with communication.

  • Drawings are based on one idea/concept that was discussed during consultation.

  • You can change the location and small details after the initial first draft of the drawing is made.  However, if you change your tattoo idea/concept entirely after the drawing is made, another deposit is required for your new tattoo idea.


  • Tattoos are priced per piece/session.  Your tattoo will be completed within an approximated time frame. 

  • The minimum for custom work is $350.

  • Pricing of a tattoo considers your tattoo design's drawing time, details/elements, tattoo location & size. 

  • Prices may be subject to change when the original tattoo idea is changed (size, details, additional elements, color, etc).

  • Color tattoos always require more time depending on size and level of saturation.

  • Payment methods: Cash, Venmo, CashApp, Paypal (friends and family), or Zelle




(6"-8") x (3"-5") size ≈ $400-600

(>8"-10") x (4"-6") size ≈ $600-800

(>10"-15") x (5"-7") size ≈ $800-1400


More than one session tattoos:

$750 per 3 hour session (session is total time at studio)


  • Flat rate prices do not apply to: ferns or fauna (ie. birds, animals, butterflies, snakes etc) because generally they require more time.

  • Designs that are more heavily shaded/detailed, wrap around body parts take longer and may be priced out of range

  • Larger scale tattoos with less elements may take less time than smaller scaled with multiple elements (ex. three large peonies on the thigh vs. many different flora on the arm)

  • Tattoos that are done with finer lines and include multiple drawings (tattoo collage) and span a large amount of space may be priced out of range

  • Ribs/lat, waist, lower back, chest/sternum, & neck botanical pieces are an additional $100 to price ranges

  • FULL COLOR/SATURATION tattoos are around 2x the cost of black and grey tattoos.



Most clients come to me looking for a botanical tattoo artist.  I trained/practiced to technically tattoo anything but my favorite tattoos to do are botanical tattoos, floral and fauna, scientific type illustrations.  I love all things that are of nature.

My favorite pastime is hiking with my best friend, Juju (a 10 year old, 11 lb Boston terrier) at Redwood Regional. Aside from going to work with Juju, I like finding ways to eat/cook, exercise, burning man, dance, and travel to new places.

I went to UCLA and obtained my B.A. in Fine Arts in '06.  I've been tattooing since summer 2006 (apprencticeship) to spring 2011, & from fall 2015 to present.  The 4 year hiatus was due to health complications which disabled me from tattooing.  It was a life changing experience that re-calibrated my priorities with a renewed ideology on work-life-balance.  Health is number one.


My goal is to make beautiful tattoos that flow/look natural on the body and will also age well.  If you'd like to stay updated on current works, the best way is through Instagram.  Instagram contains all my tattoos works since 2015 (scroll down lots).

I owe everything to my ancestors and their hard work to provide me with the opportunity to live the life I have now.


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