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Most clients come to me looking for a botanical tattoo artist. 

I trained/practiced to technically tattoo anything but my favorite tattoos are botanical tattoos: floral and fauna, scientific type illustrations.  I love all things that are of nature.  My goal is to make tattoos that flow/look natural on the body and will also age well.

I went to UCLA and obtained my B.A. in Fine Arts in '06.  I've been tattooing since summer 2006 (apprencticeship) to spring 2011, & from fall 2015 to present.  The 4 year hiatus was due to health complications which disabled me from tattooing.  It was a life changing experience that re-calibrated my priorities with a renewed ideology on work-life-balance.  Health is number one.

My favorite pastime is hiking with my pup, Juju, a 12 year old, 11 lb Boston terrier.  Aside from going to work with Juju, I like finding ways to eat/cook, exercise, burning man, dance, and travel to new places. 


I grew up in Sacramento, CA and left at age 18. Since then I've lived all along the Pacific coast -Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and ultimately love the bay area the best (moved here in 2012) because I am closest to my family.  My grandma still resides in (and never left) Chinatown SF since 1968.

My great great grandfather arrived to Angel Island as a Chinese immigrant in 1909.  I owe everything to my ancestors and their hard work to provide me the opportunity to live the life I have now.

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