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Custom Inquiries function as a waitlist.

Last opening was in January. TBD next opening, and if I do not respond by the next opening, I could not accommodate the remaining January inquiries.

Returning clients can email me directly.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!


- sizes larger than 6"

- black ornamental designs

- one kind of flower with foliage

- single subject tattoos (ie. an octopus, a bird, a flower, an insect, etc)

-up to 3 subjects (ie two flowers with foliage)

-blue chinaware tattoos


(for projects starting in 2024)

Tattoos are flat priced or $300 per hour

  • Hourly session is based on session time, not needle timeSee instagram posts for session or needle time in comments section.

  • Custom multi-session tattoos require a deposit that is a drawing fee and does not apply to total cost of tattoo sessions. 

  • Flat pricing of a tattoo considers your tattoo design's drawing time, details, tattoo location, and size.  Deposits apply to flat priced tattoo sessions and are completed in one session.

  • Prices may be subject to change when the original tattoo idea is changed (size, details, additional elements, color, etc)

  • Payment methods: Cash, Venmo, CashApp, Paypal, or Zelle


  • For New clients: fill out inquiry form when books are open

  • For Returning clients: email See See directly.

  • If project is in line with my work, we will have a consultation via email or in person for wrapping multi-session works

  • You will be given a flat priced quote or the hourly rate

  • Leave a deposit (applies to total cost or last session for multi session tattoos)

  • Receive drawing via email few days before tattoo appointment date.


  • Consultations are conducted via email or phone consultations.

  • Very large tattoos and tattoos that wrap around body parts may require an in-person consultation.

  • During your consultation (email or phone) we will discuss your details, location, size, and price estimation.

  • Please have URL and photo references ready to load into entry form.

  • Also have accurate measurements/location of the area to be tattooed (best way to do this is mark the boundaries of the area you want tattooed with a pen, then measure length and width of markings with a measuring tool)


  • Securing and scheduling a tattoo appointment will require a deposit of $200. When payment is received, you will receive a booking link to schedule directly on the calendar.

  • For custom drawings that are multi-session tattoos, the deposit is considered a drawing fee, it will not be applied to tattoo cost. 

  • Deposits apply to flat priced custom pieces.

  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable (you cannot give your deposit to anyone).

  • Due to COVID-19, you can always reschedule using the booking link and your deposit will still apply. Please do not show up to your appointment with symptoms of coughing or sneezing, allergies, or a low-grade fever; you will not be tattooed.

  • Your deposit can be paid for by someone else (but the deposit ultimately applies solely to the person who I have the consultation with)

  • If you decide to change your idea after your drawing is made, a portion of your deposit may become a drawing fee for the new additions.


  • All projects are on a queue.  You should receive your drawing a few days before your appointment.

  • I will send a simple line drawing without shading. Shading is always done freehand during the appointment. Please send references of healed tattoos* I've done (*see Healed highlights on IG)

  • My Ipad drawings do not reflect the tattoo textures or line qualities. The drawing shows the design balance and composition.

  • Small edits to the drawing can be made quickly with communication.

  • Drawings are based on one idea/concept that was discussed during consultation.

  • You can change the location and small details after the initial first draft of the drawing is made.  However, if you change your tattoo idea/concept entirely after the drawing is made, another deposit is required for your new tattoo idea.

  • More drawing time after the first drawing may incur a drawing fee for new requests to complete the drawing.

Custom Entry Form
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